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What if working from home didn’t really mean working from home. What if it really meant working from anywhere? What if you could build a business from the pool deck of your favorite vacation resort, or while watching your kids in the back yard?

The inspiration for this page came to me one afternoon when the house was quite and I was feeling just a tiny bit of self pity because I was unemployed, (ehem, I mean between jobs...) This was definitely a feeling I was not used to, and I seriously did not like it.

When I made the decision to create this site, I had been working fairly steadily – as steady as you can get for a “temp”. (For nearly 10 years I had never had more than a few days between assignments.)

I started in November 2008 using SBI, just a few months after returning from Aruba. Sure, I was excited to boast about the superb 4-day destination wedding weekend with our friends and family! And all the romantic things we did on our week long honeymoon in Aruba!

But, it logically it made sense too. Who could not use a little extra income every month? And with SBI's success guarantee, how could I say no?

(You can read more about my Site Build It beginings here.) I worked on my site when I could…On the weekends between errands and chores…during the week after dinner, an hour here, and 30 minutes there.

I had studied the Action Guide during my lunch breaks, and watched the Video Action Guide after my husband went to sleep, I eventually started brainstorming and with my key words in hand, had written about 10 pages. For months, between work, my commute, my web business, and everyday responsibilities, I barely had time to sleep or eat. But, I was determined.

We had been in a “recession” for years now, everyone knew it, even if the U.S. government was in denial. So putting some extra cash flow into our budget sounded like a good idea. Of course, quitting the "rat race" and working from home had always been the ultimate goal of building my web business. But, I always thought I would quit my job when I was good and ready… So I was a little shocked when I was told in January, 2009, that there was no more work for me at this time.

So, there I was, at home, 12-noon, on a weekday, still in my PJ’s, and not sure what to do with myself.

After several cups of strong coffee, and one very long form at the online unemployment office website, I decided to put my energy into my website.

With my laptop propped on my knees, I grabbed the TV remote and flipped it on for background noise. After logging in to my SBI account, and while I waited for my Master Key Word List to load, I glanced at the television over my computer. I recognized the scene at once. It was the Aruba California Light House and the grounds of the Tierra Del Sol Golf Course.

Now I was interested. The program was called House Hunters International. This episode followed a realtor and her client through several homes in Aruba, pointing out the pros and cons of each one. The show ended in the client purchasing one of the houses, and an epilog of how the new owners added personal touches to make their new house a home.

It was amazing. This family on television was living out my dream... Moving from somewhere in New England, USA, they had just purchased a spacious million dollar villa in Noord, Aruba on the golf course, with a sweeping view of the California Lighthouse and the Caribbean ocean. What really caught my attention was that the husband/father owned an internet business and made his living working from home – that was the reason he needed a home office in the house. The narrator did not say what kind of internet business he owned (or if they did, it was before I had tuned in). But, the reason the family could live almost anywhere they wanted in the world was because he earned money online conducting all of his business via the internet. All he needed was an internet connection and a phone line.

Well, that lit a fire under my butt; as my husband says. I was no longer depressed about being unemployed. I put all my energy into writing more pages and building inbound links through directories and Value Exchange. My final goal of living in an ocean view villa in Aruba was now a brightly burning beacon.

I was called back to my "day" job a few months later (March 2009.) But, my website had grown to 30+ pages, and Solo Build It reported that I had a link ranking of 40. (For those that don’t understand that, don’t worry, I still don’t either. I just know that it is VERY GOOD and that the search engines are finding my site.) People are visiting without me paying to advertise my site, As a matter of fact, Google pays me!

At the time of this writing, (June, 2009) I am amazed at what Solo Build It has helped me accomplish. In less than 7 months, I have seen my internet business unfold, almost before my eyes. I still have lots of work to do, and more stories to tell. But, I know that my dream of working from home (a home in Aruba, facing a sandy beach and the Caribbean ocean...) is becoming a reality.

Would you like to know how you can start your own internet business, working from home?

Try SBI and take the Risk-Free, One-Month Test Drive.

Questions? Ask an actual SBI! owner anything.

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