Work in Aruba

As a non-Aruban or Dutch nationalist, in order to work in Aruba, you must submit a request to the Department of Immigration (Dimas) either, in person, or by an appointed representative at Dimas.

Usually requests for work permits will only be taken into consideration if submitted through a local employer. The local employer must accept full responsibility for any possible expenses to be incurred by the government related to its employees.

Also a work permit is typically only granted if there no local qualified staff available for the position. You cannot work in Aruba without a valid permit.

A special work permit is required for a trainee position or internship.

It is very difficult for a non-Aruban or non-Dutch national to start a business or get a job in Aruba. Non-Arubans usually need a local partner who owns 60% of the shares to start a business in Aruba, although there are some exceptions.

Getting work in Aruba as a non-Aruban or non-Dutch citizen is difficult, but not impossible.

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