De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a privately owned barrier island just off the western coast of Aruba.

You must purchase a pass in order to visit De Palm Island. All-inclusive day packages activities include pick up and drop off at your hotel, a motorboat ride to the island, swimming, snorkeling, (snorkeling equipment), beach volleyball and the water park for "kids" of all ages - including grown-ups.. There are also plenty of lounge chairs and shade palapas to rest and relax.

We purchased a full day pass to De Palm Island with the additional Sea Trek package. It included lunch and snack buffet, open bar (including soft drinks, beer and select cocktails) and the Sea Trek underwater walking tour. Learn more about our Sea Trek experience here.

They also offer a package that includes Snuba. (Apparently a new sport that lets you go deeper than snorkeling, but the scuba tank remains floating on the surface instead of on your back. I don't know that much about it, but it sounds interesting.)

Snorkeling at De Palm Island was an absolutely wonderful experience. De Palm Island is well known for its beautiful blue parrot fish. People will feed them, so they are not afraid of swimmers. You can by a tube of fish food at their gift shop, but one local island worker confided that he sometimes fed them frozen peas.

There are two protected, man-made coves with mostly sandy bottoms that are a good for spotting fish and outside of the coves, there is a scattering of coral reef. But you should be a little more experienced to snorkel outside the coves since the water can get rough and the waves are strong.

Purchase Tickets and Passes Early

I recommend that you get your passes early because there is a limited number per day, in order to prevent crowds. We purchased ours a few days before and they were almost sold out. Also remember that February through August is a busy time for Aruba trips, so ticket spots during these times will fill up even faster.

To learn more about getting your De Palm Island pass online before you go, click here.

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