Aruba Carnival Celebration Experience

What Was Yours?

Thousands of people every year flock to Aruba for the Carnival Celebration of street parties, dancing and colorful costumes. Year after year they return to participate and enjoy Aruba's artistic expression of music, dance and costumes.

Carnival in Aruba now even rivals New Orleans Mardi Gras for the number of party-goers. Aruba’s Carnival celebration (or Bacchanal as it is sometimes called after Bacchus, the Roman god or wine and feasting) has delighted residents and vacationers alike for the past 56 years, although the traditions started much, much earlier than that. (Take a look at the history of Aruba carnival here.)

I have never been to Aruba during carnival, but, we were thinking of going next year. Do you have any suggestions, or tips for us?

Which is better, The Grand Carnival Parade in San Nicolas or The Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad????

We would love to hear your Aruba carnival vacation stories.

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