Aruba Taxi

Aruba Taxi fares & rates are set by the government and are based on destination and number of passengers. Drivers should each carry a rate card or post it in the vehicle. Here are some examples:

Between the airport and High Rise hotels = about $20. 
Between the airport and the Low Rise hotels = $10-$17.
Between downtown Oranjestad and High Rise hotels = $7-$9.
Between downtown Oranjestad and Low Rise hotels = $6-$8.

*NOTE: This does not include gratuity. Please remember to tip your driver.

Another thing to remember is that in Aruba, it is not customary to "hail a cab" on the street as it is in many U.S. cities.

Taxis are readily available in front of hotels or other tourist destinations. However, if you're planning an off-the-beaten-track excursion, you may want to arrange to have the same driver return at a set time. This will help you avoid the difficulty of finding or calling another driver. When you're out to dinner, most restaurants will be happy to make the call for you.

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