Our Favorite Aruba Resorts 

We based our favorite Aruba Resorts on the definition of "Resort" itself, and the romantic-ness of the resort. Almost all Aruba accommodations are resort quality we needed to keep a few things in mind when we made our decision.

What's the Difference Between a Hotel & a Resort?

Although both a hotel and resort provide guests with a place to sleep, the resorts typically are a vacation destination in themselves because of everything they offer.

Resorts are more common in exotic locations (Like Aruba), and are more likely to have extra amenities such as tennis courts, or a golf course. Where a hotel might only have a small breakfast area, and vending machines, a resort has at least one restaurant usually two or more restaurants and lounge/bars in addition to room service. Most hotels these days usually have a small fitness room and/or business center, but the resorts trump that with large exercise rooms, computer areas and spas.

Below is our list of favorite Aruba Resorts and their noteworthy amenities.

Please take a click over to our hotels page to see the rest of the Low Rise and High Rise Area Hotels and Resorts.

Our #1 Aruba Resort Pick

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

The Manchebo Beach Resort was our number 1 pick for a few reasons.

  1. It is a small, boutique resort (In my experience, I always find that you will find the most personable service and attention to details at boutique hotels and resorts.)
  2. The ground level rooms of this 2 story hotel, offer walk out beach/pool/garden access.
  3. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa features 3 a-la-cart restaurants
  4. The All Inclusive (addition charge) upgrade includes breakfast and a-la-carte lunch & dinner as well as a premium open bar (read more about All Inclusive vacations and if they are right for you.)
  5. Spa Del Sol
  6. Alhambra Casino

Of course, you will also find free Wi-Fi and internet terminals, a library and a pool. 

The Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa also is also highly recommended by couples and  honeymooners as THE most romantic place to stay on the island of Aruba. All age groups and families with children are welcome, but we found that the Manchebo caters to couples. It has their own wedding planner, and participates in the One Cool Honeymoon Program.

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