Aruba News

There are several great sources for local Aruba news, including newspapers, blogs and websites. These are my favorite places to find local news for the island.

Aruba's Newspapers

“Aruba Today” is the largest Aruba newspaper for the small island.

Our wedding photographer, Julia, provides photography and some editorials to this paper.

We were married on a Saturday evening, and on Monday, our Aruba wedding photos took up a full page of the newspaper. This made us instant celebrities for days. People we did not know would wave and others would come up and congratulate us. It truly is a “small town” newspaper that almost everyone on the island reads. Many of the resorts offer it to their guests free of charge, but that means that the newspaper relies heavily on the advertisement investments of the local tourist industry.

Aruba Blogs For Aruba News

For the best, unbiased source of local news, I find it is usually best to go to the locals themselves. I would like you to meet Gabriel. He was born and raised in Aruba, and has a college background in Real Estate and Economics with passion for tourism.

I met Gabriel online through his blog, when I was searching for some straight talk about Aruba’s tourist industry – information that was not sugar-coated by the industry itself. His blog is fantastic for a matter-of-fact look at community news and topics related to Aruba tourism and real estate from someone who lives on the island. I encourage you to check out his site.

I also post some noteworthy news to my Aruba Blog. So be sure to check it out and subscribe via your favorite RSS feed.

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