Aruba Sea Trek at De Palm Island

I am so glad we decided to do the Sea Trek at de Palm Island in Aruba. It was so much fun and something neither of us will ever forget.

Almost a week after our Aruba Wedding, and non-stop celebrations with friends and family, my new hubby and I wanted some romantic “us” time. We purchased tickets for a full day at the private De Palm Island where the unique walking tour of the ocean floor was offered.

The Sea Trek tour is offered as an additional upgrade to the basic de Palm Island package.

Clicking on this link will take you to the booking page of our partner, Viator Tours, where you will find up-to-the-minute prices for de Palm Island.

De Palm Island is a privately owned island. The day pass to this island includes open bar, and buffet. Since I need a prescription mask, we brought our own snorkel equipment, but if you want to use theirs, it is also included. We did have to pay for a locker, but they were pretty inexpensive for the day.

Snorkeling with the Blue ParrotfishThat's me, snorkeling at De Palm Island, and feeding the blue parrotfish!

Snorkeling at De Palm Island was a blast. The beautiful blue parrotfish are so used to being fed by humans, they swim right up to you. You can purchase fish food in a tube from the De Palm general store - it is a little pricey... I think it was somewhere around $10 for a toothpaste-sized tube. I don't know if you could get it any cheaper at your hotel before heading out to De Palm Island. But, it was worth it.

What to Expect

They say, “If you can breathe and walk - you can Sea Trek”. This is so true. My husband was a little nervous at first. He is not a very strong swimmer and had a traumatic near drowning accident as a child. So, any activity that requires submerging himself underwater puts him on edge. But I have to say, that once he climbed down the ladder, had his feet on the walkway 20 feet below the surface, and knew he could still breathe with the specially designed diving helmet on, he had a grin ear to ear.

The tour was accompanied by an underwater photographer who videotaped and took still pictures of our group that are available for purchase on DVD at the end of the day. Here is a clip from our Seatrek tour.

Before the tour, the instructor and tour guide go over everything from what to expect, to signaling underwater, to safety.

All equipment was provided. Diving shoes were required, but a wet suit was optional. We both decided that the water in the Caribbean (even at 20 feet down) was not cold enough in August to require a suit. (I mean, 77-81 F degree water was like bath water compared to Lake Michigan’s late summer temperature of 62 degrees.)

One at a time, we climbed down the ladder. My turn...When my head was just above the water, a 70 pound dive helmet is lowered onto it. (It is the weight of the helmet that keeps your feet on the walkway.) It was a bit awkward until my head was under the water, it seemed fairly light.

The tour was lead by 2 experienced divers. There were also other divers who operated the cameras and fed the fish. They were also well prepared to help in case of any emergencies.

Single file, we walked along the man-made metal sidewalk, holding a rope railing. The walkway took us past a sunken Cessna 414 airplane and a plethora of colorful tropical fish.

The group was videotaped and photographed by professional underwater photographers. Couples pictures were taken at the Sea Trek Cafe, which was a staged Cafe table and chairs with old glass bottles used as props. (The CD with these photos and video could be purchased at the end of the tour.) Ours made for a memorable souvenir.

How To Book Your Sea Trek Tour

Our advice would be to book before you travel to Aruba. Sea Trek has become more and more popular over the last few years and the number of participants on the tour are limited. We got lucky when we booked our de Palm Island and Sea Trek adventure through the Marriott activities desk. We got two of the last available spots for the day that we wanted to go. Leaving it until you are in Aruba may mean you're disappointed to find no spaces available.

Click here to make your de Palm Island Sea Trek reservations now. (After selecting the date of your day at De Palm Island Pass and adding it to your cart, you will be given the option to ad either the Seatrek or the SNUBA upgrade.)

Please note: We partnered with Viator as our tour booking agency because they are an extremely reputable company and provide wonderful tour planning opportunities to our visitors. They guarantee that if you can find the same deal elsewhere for less, they will refund the difference.

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This does not affect the price you pay. It is the same as it would be if you booked directly, and in some instances less, since many of the hotels charge a "convenience fee."

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