Aruba’s Religious Ceremony
Marriage Requirements

Even if you are planning a religious ceremony in Aruba, legal requirements must take place before hand. See marriage requirements and legal licenses in Aruba.

There are a few things you should know if you are planning a religious ceremony for your Aruba destination wedding. Below you find info on Catholic, Protestant/Episcopalian/Methodist, and Jewish weddings in Aruba.

This page is to the best of my knowledge, complete and current at the time of its writing. But, it is always best to check with both your local priest, minister or rabbi first as well as the Aruba parish or synagogue before you start planning your Religious Ceremony in Aruba.

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Catholic Ceremony

A Catholic wedding ceremony may only take place inside a Catholic Church. If you are Catholic and wish to have your Aruba wedding in one of Aruba's Catholic Churches:

  1. You must first call the church in Aruba where you would like to have your wedding in order for them to review the request.
  2. You must have permission from (bride and groom’s home) Parrish priest to get married in Aruba
  3. Have proof that both bride and groom have attended pre-marriage preparation
  4. Have an official declaration from (bride and groom’s home) Parrish priest stating that neither have been previously married in a Church
  5. Have copies of Baptismal and Confirmation certificates of both the bride and groom
  6. Copies of passports or I.D. Cards for both parties
  7. Also, if you were legally married outside of Aruba, you must provide a copy of Wedding Certificate from country of citizenship

All documents must be submitted 4 months prior to chosen wedding date.

Protestant, Episcopalian, or Methodist Ceremony

  • There is a ceremony fee of $200 if you are getting married by a Protestant, Methodist or Episcopalian minister. (The fee includes a wedding certificate after the ceremony has taken place.)
  • The wedding ceremony can be affiliated in the local Protestant, Episcopalian or Methodist Churches or anywhere, even on the beach.
  • If legally married outside Aruba, you must provide a copy of Wedding Certificate from country of citizenship
  • Copies of passports or I.D. Cards for both parties are also needed.

Jewish Ceremony

  • Both partners MUST bet Jewish and need to submit a verification of Judaism from the Rabbi of their hometown
  • The Aruban Cantor accepts Jewish status certificates from valid Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Liberal and Re-Constructionist Authorities.
  • A formal petition needs to be submitted to the Aruba Jewish Community
  • The wedding ceremony may take place either in the synagogue or any other venue of choice
  • The synagogue of Aruba is an independent Conservative-Reform style congregation
  • Copies of passports or I.D. Cards for both parties

Of course with any Religious ceremony, proper attire is required. This means no swimsuits or wraps for the Bride, however shorts are acceptable for the Groom.

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