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Day 2 of Our Aruba Destination Wedding

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On the itinerary today: a consultation with our hair dresser, brunch with the ladies, and our rehearsal dinner. Day 2 was almost as busy as the day we arrived. 8:00 am came much too quickly. It was Friday, the day before our wedding. Our wedding coordinator, Desiree, was diligently attending to all of the details for the ceremony and the reception, but, there was still so much to be done.

My Maid of Honor, Nicole, and I had to meet with the hair stylist to discuss our up-dos and confirm our appointments for tomorrow at the Mandara Spa. My mom had made appointments for the three of us, 8 months in advance. Saturday’s are their busiest days and appointments fill rapidly.

Nicole and I met with Patricia. She would be our hair stylist tomorrow. She did not speak a word of English, but, I could tell that she knew what she was doing. Another worker at the Spa, translated for us. She allotted time for each of us based on the style we chose, and thickness and type of hair we had.

Then we met the rest of the girls for my Ladies Brunch at Hadicurari. This restaurant is directly on the beach at Fisherman’s Pier. The food was fabulous, and the mimosas were excellent.

Here we are enjoying delicious Caribbean specialties, and the spectacular view of Palm Beach (Left).

Meanwhile my husband-to-be and the men were grocery shopping for tonight’s barbeque rehearsal dinner party. We had made arrangements with the Boardwalk Hotel owners a month or so earlier to set up seating for our guests in the hotel garden area. We were prepared to gather several of the small charcoal grills that are provided for each room, but, to our delight the Boardwalk provided two very large grills for our use. The men would do the grilling.

Before we headed back to help the guys with dinner preparations, we had to find a local spa that had an opening for tomorrow. One of the girls had forgotten to make an appointment for hair and make-up and could not get an appointment at the Mandara.

The Marriott hotel concierge was most helpful. She called every spa in Palm Beach, and found an opening at the Inter Messo Day Spa at the Holiday Inn Resort. Phhhew! Crisis averted!

Back at the Boardwalk, the men had lit the charcoal and prepared the grills. The girls flocked to each of the kitchens to gather dishes, and utensils, and serving plates that would be needed. My mother-in-law-to-be helped assemble a garden salad.

We were all on island time by now, so, no one really noticed that our six o’clock dinner started an hour later than planned. Jim, Scott’s Best Man, had made a rum punch concoction. Bubba, the first of our friends to volunteer to help cook, has been hiding a secret talent. He is an outstanding grill chef. He had marinated the meat, prepared vegetables for the grill, and even made dessert – grilled spiced apples! Yum!

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