Aruba’s Marriage Requirements

Every country has its own rules and regulations for marriage requirements and legal licenses. Aruba is no different.

For information on Aruba Civil Weddings, keep reading below.

Looking for information on Religious Wedding requirements in Aruba, click here.

If you want information on planning an Aruba destination beach wedding or a Renewal of Vows ceremony, click here.

Up until 2002, you had to be Aruban or Dutch to get married in Aruba. But, fortunately the law was changed to allow tourists, visitors and other non-Aruban citizens the opportunity to marry on the island. Since that time, romantic Aruba beach weddings at sunset have become very popular. 

Aruba wedding ceremonies are always breathtaking and you can choose a ceremony location pretty much anywhere on the island...under the awe-inspiring sunsets, beside clear blue water, on pristine sandy beaches. However.......

You MUST be LEGALLY MARRIED before the ceremony.

Your choices are:

  • Be legally married in the country/state of your permanent residence beforehand
  • Hold a Civil Ceremony in the Oranjestad Town Hall

Oranjestad Civil Ceremony

To be legally married in Aruba, a civil ceremony must take place in the Oranjestad Town Hall, and all the documents must be translated into the native Dutch language.

Oranjestad Town HallOranjestad, Aruba,Town Hall Building

Documents and Marriage requirements for a civil marriage in Aruba:

  • Copies of birth certificate for bride and groom with apostille (state certification).
  • Passport picture page or valid state issued picture I.D. for Bride & Groom.
  • Minimum of 2 Witness (18 years or older) with passport picture pages or valid state issued picture I.D. Witnesses can be provided locally for a fee, if bride and groom are traveling alone.
  • Certificate of no impediment for bride and groom (also referred to as a “single status report” and in some states called a “negative statement of marriage”). This certificate of no impediment is obtained at the bureau of vital statistics which is located in the department of health.
  • If either party has been divorced, a copy of the 1st and last page of the divorce decree(s) is needed.
  • If either party is a widow(er) the former spouse’s death certificate is needed.

All documents must be faxed for review and then submitted by courier (i.e. FedEx) at least one (1) month prior to your desired wedding date. This is usually handled by your wedding planner, or the wedding coordinator of your chosen resort.

The civil ceremony takes place Monday through Friday (10am-11:30am & 2pm-3:30pm) in the late morning or early afternoon. (Closed on Wednesday afternoons) Saturdays are also available at an additional charge.

Marriage Requirements for Religious Ceremony

If you are thinking about having a religious ceremony, there are additional requirements. I have done my best to compile them here. But, it is always best to check with both your local priest, minister or rabbi first as well as the Aruba parish or synagogue, just in case anything has changed.

Marriage requirements for Catholic, Jewish Protestant, Episcopalian, and Methodist weddings in Aruba can be found here.

A Blessing Ceremony or a Renewal of Vows

Having ANY kind of wedding ceremony outside of Oranjestad, Aruba,Town Hall, including a beach wedding ceremony is considered a blessing ceremony or a renewal of vows because of Aruba law that states that all legal wedding ceremonies must take place at Town Hall.

Many couples choose to be legally married at home, then have a beach wedding (blessing) ceremony in Aruba. This eliminates the need for all of the legal paperwork, and also cuts costs.

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