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The day of our Aruba sunset wedding was finally here. Any wedding day jitters that I had when I woke up were quickly erased as my best friend and I indulged ourselves at the Mandara Spa.

We had met with the hair stylist, Patricia, the day before and now we were ready to be pampered.

My Maid of Honor, Nicole went first. Sorry Nicole! They had given me the later appointment… According to our wedding coordinator, the bride’s hair should be done as late as possible before the wedding, “to minimize the effects of the Aruba breeze and humidity”. Apparently, that also meant I had to stay indoors afterwords as well.

Besides hairstyling, the Mandara Spa offered a full array of spa services. My mom had planned a full day of treatments for herself, including an aromatherapy massage and a hydration facial. She deserved to treat herself. She had been on the island for almost a week, seeing to last minute details with the wedding coordinator, going over time-lines, verifying appointments, and generally fussing over all the things that would make her daughter’s wedding perfect.

I, however, concentrated on hair and nails. And while I waited for my turn in Patricia’s styling chair, mom and I spent a most relaxing hour or so hydrating with cucumber infused lemon water and receiving manicures and pedicures.

This was my first real pedicure. Sure, I painted my own nails a time or two, and know how to use a pumice stone. This was nothing like that! Our hands and feet were soaked in a wonderfully scented liquid for soft skin. Any rough dry areas were buffed away, and a relaxing lotion was massaged into my feet, ankles and calves. A word of caution: if you have very ticklish feet like me, please warn the ladies! I accidentally nearly kicked the woman who was rubbing mine.

The manicure was a similar ritual. My mom had picked out a fuchsia pink color that matched her dress. I went with the traditional bridal French style polish.

We relaxed a little while in a sitting room inside the spa area filled with wonderful, and exotic smells and soothing music, appreciating some rare mother/daughter time before the wedding. The she was off to her next treatment.

I arrived at the styling salon room, just as Nicole was getting her final hair spray. Patricia, our very skilled stylist, spoke little English. Nicole with her very limited Spanish was trying to tell her to use a lot of hair spray so that her naturally straight hair would stay put in the wind and humidity. We had a good laugh when another spa co-worker translated Nicole’s sentence as “big hot air up!”

We had time to get a quick bite to eat before my hair appointment. So we found a deli amidst all the little shops occupying the first floor in the Marriott Ocean Club Resort. We split a quick sandwich and returned to the Mandara Spa. Nicole was off to the nail salon, and it was my turn in Patricia’s chair.

The style I had chosen needed a little alteration to work with the hand-made tiara I had brought with me. (Another hairdresser translated.) I knew that she was skilled stylist, and trusted her to make my hair beautiful.

She brushed and teased, and braided and curled. Patricia is a true artist when it comes to hair. It was enjoyable to watch her work. She would pin a strand up, step away and look at me at an angle. If she liked it, she would smile and say “yesss!”. if it didn’t work for her, she would shake her head, and mumble “no, no, no…” as she took out the hairpin. It was very entertaining.

She spent almost two hours on my hair and when she was done, I looked absolutely amazing. I almost didn’t recognize me. The up-do was an intricate intermingle of braids and curls accented by the Swarovski crystal hairpins and tiara I made, I felt like a princess.

When she was done securely spraying it in place, I thanked her, with a hug and a well deserved tip.

Now it was off to my parent’s suite at the Marriott Surf Club to get dressed.

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