Anyone Can Make Money Online

Those that don’t make money online are just making excuses!

I know that anyone can make money online. I mean, if I can, well...pretty much, anyone can.

It is one of the best ways to create a second income or replace your day job. In this tough economy, who couldn’t use some extra income?

The cost of starting this site was minimal... and it came with a success guarantee. With an easy and inexpensive system like Site Build It, why aren't more people doing it?

...For the same reasons I put off starting Yes, I made many of these same excuses. But, that is exactly what they were...EXCUSES!

I'm not smart enough to start my own business

Although it is true that an online business is not for everyone, I believe that almost everyone is CAPABLE of starting one. That includes you...that’s this page right now and shaking your head...

If you can read, have a desire to learn and the motivation to “do it”, you can make money online. You just have to do it the right way!

SBI can show you. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Others have been in the same boat as you and I. Here are their stories.

I don't have the time to build a money making website

Working for a living takes up a lot of time. For most folks working full time jobs, finding the time to start an online business can be a challenge, but, it is so worth it!

When I got started I was working 40-50 hours a week with a 3 hour/day commute. But I found a couple hours a week, here and there to read and follow Ken Envoy’s Action Guide. (Now available as a Video Action Guide).

I recorded ideas onto my smartphone audio feature during my commute, and jotted down notes in my Day Planner when I brainstormed during lunch or idle times during the day. (A small audio cassette recorder and a 99 cent notebook will work just as well.)

My dad always said, “If you want something bad enough, you can always find the time”.

I am technologically challenged. How could I possibly build a website?

Site Build it shows you step by step how to write for the web, choose a template (or customize your own), and use the “Block by Block” program to easily and quickly get your website up and running. It handles most of the “techie” stuff for you, including search engine submissions, and stats tracking. Check out all the tools you get with Site Build It.

And their technical support is always there to help. I have contacted them a few times with some silly question or another. They were always quick, courteous and helpful.

If you have questions about SBI before you commit, (I know I did!) Click here to contact an SBI expert who will answer your questions. (via phone or e-mail – your choice!)

And if you still want to hire someone to do some (or all) of the work, they offer that as well.

I don't have the money to build a website

Not true! Starting a “brick and mortar” (off-line) store or buying into a franchise business, of course you are going to need lots of money! And ten years ago, you probably would have paid a small fortune for a website.

But today, an online business is very inexpensive. This is especially true if all the tools you need for a successful online business are included in your hosting fee such as technology for link tracking, growing an opt-in list, accepting orders, and Search Engine submission.

Site Build It includes all the tools you need, and you can build your own profitable SBI website for less than $300 a year, making owning your own online business cheaper and more effective than ever before!

I'm not an expert at anything

You don't have to be. I was an office “temp” when I decided I wanted to start a business on the internet. My website is about our destination wedding in Aruba. I spent a year researching and planning our trip and all the details. I knew that I wanted to tell the world what a wonderful time we had, and pass along some of the tips I learned along the way.

The point is that you can BECOME an expert in almost any topic that interests you. Or you may already be an expert at something and just not know it. The Action Guide shows you how to brainstorm your interests and choose the most profitable topic to build your business. SBI makes it easier than ever before to make money online and turn a hobby into a real profitable business.

The only people making money are people telling others how to make money

This is just a really bad excuse. Yes, there are a lot of people claiming to be web business experts offering advice on how to make money online. And yes, there are plenty of money making scams out there.

But, my site is about romantic Aruba vacations - I am definitely not an online business guru. And that is exactly why I am writing about Solo Build It. (I AM NOT AN ONLINE BUSINESS EXPERT!) and yet, I have built a profitable online business, with Ken Envoy’s expertise and with SBI. If I can write about my destination wedding and make money online doing it, simply by following the action guide and adding a little bran power to the mix, I know that YOU CAN TOO!

Your business will be about what you want it to be about...SBI even shows you how to choose the best topic and create your niche.

Try it. Take the Risk-Free, One-Monh Test Drive.

Questions? Ask an actual SBI owner anything.

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme. You MUST put forth the effort. Writing good content pages is the key to online success. Good content = traffic = happy visitors = money.

Solo Build It includes all the tools you need to make money online.

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How I Built This Website with SBI

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