Eagle Beach Aruba

Eagle Beach Aruba is just south of Palm Beach, separated by a rocky limestone outcrop.

No one is quite sure how Eagle Beach got its name. Aruba is home to many bird species, but, I don’t believe there are any real eagles native to the island. Some say it was a codename used by the US Navy and allied forces that protected the oil refinery during WWII.

And speaking of Aruba birds...

If you like to walk the beaches, especially in the early morning, you might hear the screech of the local flock of Caribbean parakeets leaving the bird sanctuary to hunt for breakfast. The outcrop that separates The High Rise Hotels from the Low Rise Hotels - located between the Aruba Phoenix Hotel and the Amsterdam Manor Hotel - is very close to the sanctuary where these protected, beautiful brilliant green birds with fiery red and orange faces make their home.

Here on Eagle Beach Aruba, you will see the famous divi-divi trees of Aruba. This is a common tree that can be found throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. But in Aruba it is unique. Due to the constant trade winds that blow across the island from the north-east all the branches of divi trees in Aruba point southwest.

Eagle Beach Divi Divi Tree

Like the other beaches along Aruba’s South-West facing side, the sand is sugary white and the water is calm and shallow. Perfect for swimming. However, the constant sea breeze here is a bit more noticeable without the tall buildings to disperse it.

This Aruba beach has ample public parking, making it more accessible by car than Palm Beach, which has very little parking for beach-goers other than the guests of the High Rise Hotels.

It is also known to be less crowded than Palm Beach. I speculate that is because the Low Rise Hotels have fewer guest rooms per resort. With a maximum of 5 floors, (most only have 2 or 3 stories), the number of rooms average less than 100 per resort. (This is also true for the hotels on Manchebo and Druif Beaches). The recent construction of residential condos near this area has increased the number of people on the beach, but not significantly enough to call it crowded.

If you are looking for an even quieter beach, rent a car, and head to Baby Beach on the South-Eastern tip of Aruba or Boca Prins, a small secluded cove on the Northern facing side of the island. (Although, Boca Prins Beach is not very good for swimming because of the rough water and strong under tow, it does make a very romantic spot for a beach picnic for two.)

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