Destination Wedding Invitations

With Destination Wedding Invitations, you can be as whimsical or conventional as you would like. Destination weddings open up so many opportunities to expand on the usual wedding traditions.

For example, some couples have sent out their invitations in a bottle. They still had the traditional wedding invitation wording, but, the presentation was definitely in line with a destination island theme. Another uniquely popular idea for destination wedding invitations is one that looks like airline tickets.

Save the Date Cards

Remember to send out your “save the date” cards as soon as your venue and date are confirmed. (About 6 months to a year before your wedding.) Guests will need time to plan for the trip. Save the date cards are not part of the invitations, but they should coordinate with your invitations.

Hand Made Destination Wedding InvitationHand Made Wedding Invitation and Stationery

These are my handmade "Save the Date" cards and destination wedding invitations. I designed them, printed them on our inkjet printer and hand applied the rhinestones and embellishments. I kept the aqua color and palm tree theme throughout the wedding.

When To Send Your Destination Wedding Invitations & Who Gets One

Destination wedding invitations should go out at least 8 – 12 weeks prior to the wedding.  (The traditional “hometown” wedding invitations usually are sent out about six weeks before.)

There are some differences of opinion as to who should be sent an invitation. Some planning brides think that they should send invitations ONLY to people whom they believe will attend the wedding. And some say to send them to everyone they would like to attend. I think it should be a little of “A” AND a little of “B”.

By simply putting out feelers as soon as the two of you decided on having a destination wedding, you should have a good idea of who can, and most likely will attend the wedding (if invited, of course.) You should also get some feedback as to who will be sending their regards. A Save the Date Card is a great way to break the ice and get that conversation out there.

Aruba Save the Date Card

This is a custom Aruba Save the Date Card, designed personally by me, for my readers. They are available on Zazzle, and can be personalize for your Aruba wedding.

Its JUST BAD MANNERS to NOT send your beloved Great-Grampy Smith an invitation because you are 99.99% sure he is too old to travel. Why not send him one with a personalized note, telling him how much he means to you, but, you understand if he can’t go. Maybe plan to set some time aside to visit when you return from your honeymoon.

Keep in mind that a destination wedding is usually a multi-day event. So ask yourself this: Do you really want to invite your 4th cousin, twice removed, whom you never talk to and actually don't really like all that much, to your wedding simply because she "is dying to go to Aruba"?

The average decline rate for weddings in general is about 20-25%. For a destination wedding, expect the rate to be a little less. But it does vary depending on a few factors:

  • Real small intimate weddings - bride, groom, and maybe a best man and maid of honor - Hopefully these have 100% attendance rate!
  • If your destination is really difficult and/or expensive to get to, your decline rate will go up. (See why we chose Aruba for our wedding.)
  • If your guest list is huge, 200+ people, expect your decline rate to increases to about 30-35%
  • Certain times of the year such as December holidays your guests might be just too busy. (Don't take it personally. I'm sure they want to go to your Christmas in the Tropics wedding, but they already have family obligations.)
  • Give your invited guests plenty of notice. (No matter how close you think you and your BFFs are, you can't expect all your friends to just take off work for a week at a months notice, especially if you expect them to pay their own travel and lodging expenses.)
Message in a bottle Invite

This was a destination wedding invitation in a bottle that my Maid of Honor used for our wedding shower.

The bottle kit from Oriental Trading Co. contained everything needed to put this invitation together - colored sand, paper drink umbrella, a plastic sunglasses-shaped pin. The kit also contained paper for the invitation, but she opted to print it out on nautical themed parchment paper that she found in a stationery shop. She then rolled and tied it with cotton string before placing it in the bottle. This idea would also make a wonderful save the date card, or a unique destination wedding invitation.

I must reiterate this: I strongly suggest Save the Date Cards because, until you have a good idea of the guest list, you are going to have a very difficult time planning the rest of your destination wedding. More destination wedding planning tips.

More Destination Wedding Invitations

I found some fantastic tropical, beach wedding invitations (not designed by me) as I gathered some ideas for my designs. I have to say I wish I had come up with some of the creative designs! So, check out these Aruba themed wedding stationery!

I love this Aruba wedding invitation that looks like a passport, and features the famous Divi Tree on the front. It is completely customizable.

This ticket themed save the date card (Above) and Boarding Pass Ticket themed RSVP card (Below) are by La Bella Rue. Many features of her designs are customizable, including colors, names, dates.

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