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Q: Can you recommend a place to stay?

I'm wondering if you can help? I've book a flight to Aruba early Feb 2010 and need a place to stay for the week. I've stayed in a studio years back but don't remember the name, but it was off LG Smith Blvd across the street from the ocean between the High Rise & lighthouse. I'd like this place and the price as I had a car to visit.

Can you recommend a place for 2? We'd like something cozy, not expensive near the water if possible. We also like places that are decorated cute. Hope you can help as I'd rather not do this online without knowing. Thanks so much.

A: The Best Boutique Hotel on Palm Beach, Aruba

Thank you for your question. I highly recommend the Boardwalk Hotel. It is a cute, little apartment style hotel across L.G. Smith Blvd (Directly across from the Marriott Hotel…the last High Rise Hotel) It is not directly ON the beach, but the walk from the Boardwalk to the beach accross the street takes less time than it does to take the elevator to the ground floor and cross the courtyard to the beach from one of the High Rise hotels! I should know. I timed it!

It is inexpensive and close to Palm Beach. What I loved was that each casita was its own suite – bedroom, living room, full kitchen, deck/patio. The owners are very nice, friendly and accommodating.

You can see our review of this lovely boutique hotel here.

Hope this helps. Thanks and enjoy your trip to Aruba!

(P.S. If you stay at the boardwalk, please say hello from Aruba-Sunsets.)

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