Black Hog Saloon Pictures

Most of the Black Hog Saloon pictures on this page were taken during our night at the BBQ Bash, August, 2008.

Everything about the Black Hog Saloon focused on Americana from the props, to the decorations. Even the front entrance was made to look like an "old west" town.

Update 10/22/2009

The Black Hog burnt down Tuesday, September 22, 2009, at around 12:30 am. For more on this, go to my Black Hog Saloon Page.

Black Hog Saloon Fire, Photo by Julia RenfroBlack Hog Saloon Fire, Photo by Julia Renfro

This picture was taken by Julia Renfro, a photojournalist for Aruba Today Newspaper and also our exceptional wedding photographer.

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