Aruba Beach Wedding Ceremony

Having a beach wedding ceremony is one of the most popular dream weddings today. According to a Cosmopolitan Magazine study, 9 out of 14 women who wanted an unconventional wedding, said that their dream wedding would be on a beach. If you want your beach wedding to be in Aruba, you're on the right page.

Before you can have a beach wedding ceremony in Aruba, you will need to have your legal marriage certificate. 

You have two choices:

Once you are legally married in a civil service, then you can have a religious blessing or beach ceremony. Most luxury Aruba resorts have an event coordinator or a wedding planner on site who can help with any paperwork.

Both the bride and groom will need:

  • Proof of marriage (Marriage Certificate)
  • Copy of passport photo pages

After the ceremony you will sign and receive a symbolic marriage certificate. (No one needs to know that your beach wedding ceremony was not the "legal" wedding if you don't want them to.)

Many couples choose to be legally married at home, then have a beach wedding ceremony in Aruba. This eliminates the need for all of the legal paperwork, and also cuts costs. It is a very good option for some couples, so keep this option in mind.

Of course, my recommended location for the ideal beach wedding would be any of the white sandy beaches of Aruba. Aruba is one of the most desired destinations for couples planning a beach wedding for several reasons...

Aruba's Beaches

Aruba’s long stretch of beach is composed of sand that is considered one of the whitest and most powder-like in the world. There is just something unique about attending a wedding ceremony barefooted that makes it memorable.

Read more about Beaches of Aruba

Aruba’s Weather

Aruba’s weather is pleasingly consistent throughout the year, making planning an outdoor beach wedding much less intimidating. The temperature only fluctuates a few degrees from winter to summer, and only gets about 18 inches of rain per year – most falling October through January.

Read more about the weather here.

Exquisite Hotels & Resorts

Aruba has hundreds of establishments perfect for hosting the reception following the beach ceremony, a pre-wedding bash, or any other celebrations that accompany a wedding. As for Scott and I, we couldn’t have dreamed of anything more uniquely us, from our very informal barbeque rehearsal dinner on the Boardwalk Hotel front lawn to our cocktail and dinner reception at the Marriott Resort. Hadicurari on the beach was perfect for my "Ladies Brunch".

Most of the major hotels have banquet facilities for your reception, and many of Aruba's fine restaurants offer elegant private rooms for special occasions.

Find an Aruba Hotel perfect for your wedding.

Budget Minded

Having a civil ceremony could add $1000 or more to the cost of your Aruba destination wedding so if you are concerned about blowing your wedding budget, there is an alternative. Have a Beach Blessing Ceremony!

Scott and I had an exquisite beach wedding ceremony in Aruba. (Technically, since it did not take place in Aruba’s Town Hall, it was considered a BLESSING ceremony.)

We opted for a private legal city hall wedding here in the States a few months before our trip to Aruba. The cost, including marriage license, marriage certificate, and judge was about $100. (Of course, fees for each state and county vary.)

Having the civil paperwork signed before hand in our home town, saved us time and money. The only documentation we needed to show our wedding coordinator in Aruba was our legal U.S. marriage certificate and of course our passports. And the $900+ we saved helped to add the little extras to make the Beach Ceremony even more special.

Our beach wedding ceremony on Palm Beach was everything we could wish for. My father walked me down a palm branch lined isle to the soft rhythm of the steel pan drums. Our friends and family witnessed as the minister blessed our union, and then celebrated with us late into the night with superb food, and music.

The Honeymoon

Of course the best part about having an Aruba beach wedding is...the honeymoon’s just a “do not disturb” sign away. Many establishments in Aruba participate in the “One Cool Honeymoon” program which offers goodies from the hotels and even shopping discounts to make the couple’s romantic beginnings together even more extraordinary.

Planning a Beach Wedding Ceremony

What beach wedding would be complete without beach theme? We had our beach wedding on Palm Beach, Aruba, so, I chose to use the tropical palm tree as the focus of our beach wedding theme, from the “save the date” cards to the cake topper. Of course there are loads of ways to incorporate your beach theme into your wedding. Starfish, shells, sailboats, sand...

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