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Hello everyone,

Its Not Too Late To Still Get a Great Deal!

Just a quick announcement…There are still a few weeks available for this great deal at The Aruban Resort! (There are a limited number still open for Aruba Carnival 2011.)

Not just a hotel room... This is a FULL 1 bedroom apartment with a kitchen and living room area. It has pull out sofa for more sleeping room...Beautiful views and close proximity to the beach! For availability, contact Jack directly through the simple form at Aruba-Sunsets.com.

Where You Married in Aruba? I Need Your Help.

I would like to invite all couples who had a wedding in Aruba or who are planning to be married in Aruba to post a page at Aruba-Sunsets.com.

Many Aruba brides (and grooms) to be have inquired about various venues and wedding professionals and asked for recommendations. I can only give them my opinion and my experience. And while our wedding was perfect for us, I can only offer my experience and not the variety that you can.

So, I need your help. If you have any advice, suggestions, ideas, or anything that might be of interest to others, please take a few minutes and share them. I might even post the best ones in next months newsletter if you would like.

Aruba’s Unusual Weather

For weeks, the weather in Aruba has been uncharacteristic of the island. Aruba is supposed to be all sunshine all the time. The truth is that although Aruba’s climate is mostly dry desert, when it does rain, it rains hard. But unlike most Aruba rain storms that pass quickly, a high pressure system kept the clouds locked in place. So, September turned out to be a very wet month for Aruba.

Also, the ocean currents changed making the north side calm and Palm Beach and Eagle Beach rough with high swells. The typical 20 mile per hour trade winds were almost nonexistent, making the air heavy and humid.

Above photo of the aftermath of the storms on Aruba's Beaches, courtesy of Julia Renfro. Julia was our wedding photographer. She has posted some recent events on her new site. Please take a look, and be sure to mention Aruba-Sunsets.

And Then Tomas Threatens Aruba

On October 28, the weather advisories were tracking “Tomas”, a category 1 Hurricane, that threatened to bombard Aruba with more rain and wind just as it was recovering from floods earlier in the month. But, on November 2, Tomas had been downgraded to a tropical storm and passed 65 miles away.

The storm eventually turned North-North East and passed between Cuba and the Dominican Republic fluctuating between a tropical storm and a category one hurricane. Although there was minimal damage from Tomas on Aruba, it did cause severe damage to Curacao, Haiti and a few other islands.

Beach erosion, and washed up seaweed and debris are the main focus of post storm cleanup. This unusual weather makes for very cranky vacationers who came for the beaches and the sunshine.

Carnival Cruises Return to Aruba

In 2007, Carnival Cruise Line decided to drop its Southern Caribbean itinerary because of the excessive fuel prices. The cruise industry giant is back in Aruba this year with a new ship, The Carnival Miracle, that will be carrying over 2000 passengers to the island every other week, during cruise ship season (October – April).

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