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Hello everyone,

Where You Married in Aruba? I Need Your Help.

I would like to invite all couples who had a wedding in Aruba or who are planning to be married in Aruba to post a page at Aruba-Sunsets.com.

Many Aruba brides (and grooms) to be have inquired about various venues and wedding professionals and asked for recommendations. I can only give them my opinion and my experience. And while our wedding was perfect for us, I can only offer my experience and not the variety that you can. I need your help. If you have any advice, suggestions, ideas, or anything that might be of interest to others, please take a few minutes and share them.

The End of the Aruba Carnival 2011 Festivities

We would love to share your photos and stories of your carnival experience. . To create your own mini – web page and tell us your carnival story, visit
On March 5th, the beginning of the end started with Jouvert Morning (known as the “pajama party,”) in San Nicolas. This early morning party started at 4:00 a.m. which is just a little too early for me, but, obviously not for oodles of others STILL UP, partying the night away. Musicians lead the way, down the city streets followed by thousands, reveling in this once a year celebration that lasts until the sun comes up.

Partiers had a few hours rest before the San Nicolas Grand Carnival Parade that started at 1:00 that afternoon. The local musicians and bands played the carnival hits. Colorful feathers, head-dresses and matching costumes are everywhere. And decorated floats carried dancers through the streets until sunset.

The Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad took place the following day, March 6th. This is the most popular and longest of all the Aruba carnival parades and parties. It has the most participants and the largest crowd of spectators. If you want a “good spot” get there a few hours early. It gets started at noon and continues into the night and ends in a finale of the Farewell Street Party and Parade and the burning of “King Momo”.

I know that this may sound a little violent to some, but, it is really just a symbol of the end of the Carnival season. King Momo is an effigy of the Spirit of Carnival who will rise again when the next season begins.

A little bit of trivia – Carnival is derived from the Latin carne vale, meaning farewell to flesh, referring to the time when many Christians give up food, drink and unacceptable behavior for Lent.

De Palm Tours Acquires Atlantis Adventures

In early February, the largest Aruba tour operator, De Palm Tours, announced the acquisition of Atlantis Adventures, the operators of the underwater submarine tours.

What that means is that De Palm now owns a full gambit of services including airport transportation, sailing, island and jeep tours, snorkeling tours …and now underwater tours.

Aruba Art - New Exhibit

Eighteen local Aruba artists are exhibiting their most recent works in the four exhibition halls of Ateliers ’89. The grand opening was February 28th, 2011. A post opening evening is being held on March 10. All the contributing artists were in attendance and available for explanations about their pieces.

Ateliers ’89 is an institute for the arts located in the heart of Oranjestad. In addition to the gallery they offer classes and workshops in painting, installations, video-art, photography, drawing, fashion, theatrical-design, ceramics, animation, graphic design and art history., The complex consists of a number of classrooms, studios and Apartments, surrounded by a large garden.

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