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Hello again everyone.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. Which reminds me...Carnival! (Carnival signals the begining of Lent, which leads up to Easter...See how my crazy train of thought works!)

Anyway, my husband and I were not able to attend Carnival this year as we had hoped, so, I am wondering if anyone has any pictures or interesting stories of Aruba Carnival 2010 that they would like to share.

Please e-mail me with your name and e-mail (or phone #), and a paragraph or two about the photo you would like to share. Where was it taken, who is in it, that sort of thing... And I will let you know where to e-mail the picture, the file size needed, etc... If you have a website or blog, I can also post the photo with a link back to your site if you would like, just let me know.

There is a new application called Content 2.0, included a in SBI's assortment of web building tools that will make it much easier to post comments and photos from you. I will be using it soon, promise! (For those who didn't know, SBI is my web host, and all-in-one e-business builder.)

Local Aruba News

New Charter Flights

Are you planning to visit Aruba from Canada this summer? Canadian Tour Operator, Thomas Cook, and Westjet are offering additional summer charter flights between Toronto and Aruba. The flights are scheduled to depart on Saturdays at 13:20 local Toronto Time and arrive in Aruba at 18:19 local time. These will be in effect from may 1 though October 30, 2010. The aircraft to be used will be a B737 or 800 with either 136 or 166 seats.

“We are extremely pleased receiving the slot request from Westjet for additional charter service from Canada” said Peter Steinmetz, Managing Director Aruba Airport Authority N.V., “we are confident that it will not be long before we will have year round scheduled service from Toronto and are working with our tourism partners in achieving this goal together.”

Cruise Visitors Can Plan Aruba Wedding

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino & Aruba Cruise Tourism Authority have joined forces to offer cruise visitors an opportunity to have their wedding on Aruba’s world famous beaches while their ship is docked in the Port in Oranjestad.

Together, they have put together www.weddings.arubamarriott.com exclusively designed to help couples plan their Aruba wedding. (WOW! I wish this had been up and running when I was planning my wedding! There is lots of great information here.)

Aruba is the perfect place for destination weddings. Now it is even available for couples and their wedding guests who enjoy Caribbean cruise vacations.

This Issue's Article

Enjoying The Caribbean On A Budget During The Summer

Enjoying The Caribbean On A Budget During The Summer by Justin Burch

Though most travelers escape to the Caribbean during the winter months, the summer travel season can offer families with tighter budgets a chance to experience the most exciting islands. While many people assume that the Caribbean is too hot and humid to be enjoyed in the summer, the truth is that temperatures are consistent year-round throughout much of the region because of the prevailing trade winds. Instead of high temperatures, visitors can expect an incredible array of festivals and local celebrations wherever they travel. Most importantly for many families, room rates and recreation fees are typically much lower during the summer months, allowing conscientious travelers to plan an exciting and affordable Caribbean vacation.

With reduced room rates and smaller crowds, the summer season can be one of the best times for families to visit the Caribbean. Generally speaking, families with children will find that hotel reservations and airfare will be easier to secure for a summer vacation versus the peak travel season of November-April. Furthermore, many hotels and resorts also feature special travel packages for families that allow visitors to engage in exciting water sports, enjoy exceptional meals and participate in plenty of activities as part of their hotel stay or offered at a discount rate. Furthermore, after the end of high tourism season in April, many Caribbean islands feature exciting events such as jazz festivals, celebrations for local holidays and water sport competitions to entertain the locals and entice off-season travelers. Best of all, many of these events are free or priced very affordably, allowing families to stretch their travel dollar and enjoy vacations that may not have been possible during the winter months.

As one of the biggest draws of the Caribbean is the weather, the reasonable temperatures of the summer season will not scare off any visitors. In fact, just as many families visit the Caribbean in the winter to escape inclement weather, smart travelers have realized that the region’s summer weather is often more comfortable than the conditions at home. Throughout the year, high temperatures throughout the Caribbean typically range from 75°F and 85°F, while the nights and early mornings remain remarkably cool regardless of season. Based on your destination, you may experience different levels of precipitation and humidity, but most islands experience the beautiful weather the Caribbean is known for year-round.

Much like the misconceptions about the summer weather in the region, many tourists also avoid the Caribbean in the summer out of fear of hurricanes or tropical storms. However, there are many ways to travel during the summer months and avoid the inconvenience of tropical storms. While the hurricane season has occasionally posed problems for summer vacations in the Caribbean, it should be noted that forecasting prevents tourists from being in any danger and some of the most desirable islands – such as Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao – rest completely outside of the storm area. Furthermore, most hurricanes travel far north of the most visited Caribbean islands, meaning the threat of summer storms on islands like Grand Cayman and St. Thomas is actually far less serious than many travelers believe.

However, summer travel in the Caribbean might not be the best choice for every tourist. As not all Caribbean islands receive enough tourism business during the summer, travelers may find some restaurants, shops or other tourism-related businesses closed during their vacation. Also, many tourists enjoy the exciting atmosphere present throughout the region during the winter. In general, the summer off-season has become a popular for families to visit the Caribbean, while couples and more adventurous travelers often prefer to visit the region during the more-desirable winter months.

The time has come to throw your misconceptions about Caribbean summers out the window. Though everyone will have their favorite time to visit the Caribbean, there is no denying that the region has become an excellent year-round destination. While many people still believe that the Caribbean is hot, humid and boring during the summer, plenty of cost-conscious travelers have already found that the summer off-season offers incredible opportunities for affordable and exciting vacations.

Justin Burch writes articles about travel in the Caribbean for the Marriott Resorts.

Article Source: Kravities.com

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