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As we head into another hurricane season, I wanted to share with you this article that I came across that talks about traveling to the Caribbean this time of year. But, remember Aruba is a great place to vacation ALL year long.

Also, in this issue: an article on the Aruba travel Tips… In July's issue I had included a news story of a lost Leatherback sea turtle that was rescued from the golf course after laying her eggs on the beach and safely returned to the water.

This month, I just wanted to remind you that if you are interested in attempting to see a hatching of the eggs during your trip to Aruba, you should plan to arrive between the third week of May and the end of July. For an inexpensive place to stay, see my review of our favorite cheap Aruba hotels.

If you would like to see several Caribbean islands on your vacation, try a cruise from Caribbean Cruise lines.


Strategy For Facing Another Bad Caribbean Storm Season

Strategy For Facing Another Bad Caribbean Storm Season Worldwide Aruba News Monday, June 12th, 2006

Article From San Francisco Chronicle, By Gary Lee, Washington Post

Travelers can sweeten their odds by of finding a dry Caribbean beach in hurricane season by choosing the right island. The safest bets: Aruba, Bonaire or Curaçao, the so-called ABC islands, all at the southernmost tip of the Lesser Antilles; Trinidad and Tobago, beyond the southern end of the Windwards; and Margarita Island, off the coast of Venezuela. These islands have only a 2 percent chance of a serious storm in hurricane season, according to NOAA, partly because their proximity to the equator prevents the wind conditions hurricanes require. Also, most major storm systems originate in Africa about 10 degrees north of the equator, head northwest across the Atlantic and are usually at a higher latitude than these islands by the time they reach the Caribbean.

To read the complete story, click here:

Holidays To Aruba Will Bring Out The Spark Of Your Life

Holidays To Aruba Will Bring Out The Spark Of Your Life

Holidays To Aruba Will Bring Out The Spark Of Your Life by Jessica Nielson

Aruba is an island enclosed by the Caribbean Sea. It is situated a few miles off the coast of Venezuela and was part of the Netherlands Antilles. It became an independent member in 1986. Its capital city is Oranjestad, located in the western end. It’s closer to South America, and absolutely feels diverse than the standard tropical island. Instead of crowds of college students and overrun hotels, you’ll find room to breathe and a decidedly different style. All the usual activities are available, like swimming, snorkeling, and lounging on the beach, but a few new twists are added to the mix here in Aruba.

If you are planning for an Aruba travel, don’t just be too excited with all that are waiting for you out there. Instead, plan your Aruba travel in the best possible way. Think about everything associated with it and weigh all your options carefully. This is mainly for the fact that an Aruba travel could be one of the biggest investments you can make. It should be considered carefully to obtain that ultimate Aruba travel vacation you’ve ever wanted.

Aruba is a foreign country, so make sure you have all the documents needed for your Aruba vacations. Check your passport and make sure that it current and valid. Note that if your passport is not valid, and then expect not to reach Aruba until you’ve renewed your passport. Aside from that, check your flight tickets. Look at everything stressed in the tickets and check the exact time of your departure and arrival. Once double checked, make yourself ready for it. Reach the airport as early as possible.

Aruba has a dry, sunny climate that maintains a regular annual temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. Its sunny climes are made cooler by trade winds and rain occurs principally in October and November. There’s also no need to bother about strong weather since Aruba is unaffected by hurricanes, making your vacation that much more enjoyable and worry - free.

You’ll certainly want to take advantage of the sunshine and the trade winds, so bring plenty of sunscreen and your favorite swimsuit and prepare to make these your primary accessories. From up and coming sports like kite surfing to old favorites like wave running, you’ll find yourself spending lots of time out on the water. Each individual hobby can be satisfied here, so surfers, divers, and deep-sea fishers will all find themselves living the good life as they forget about the drone and drain of modern life.

There are also activities that, while not exactly new or groundbreaking, at least offer their charms before a unique backdrop. Golfing in Aruba will involve the usual teeing off and perhaps a few minor frustrations with your game, but as you glance over at the turquoise waves or listen to the sound of the crashing surf, your tension will melt away. The same goes for your tennis game, and as you jog, bike, swim or whatever it is that keeps you in shape, you’ll probably find yourself spacing out and feeling no pain thanks to the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you.

If you are searching for travel guides and tips then probably try Cheap holidays 24. Cheap holidays 24 is a UK based company that has been writing guides to exotic and well known holiday destinations since 2006. Particularly, we have a guide to your Holidays in Aruba. Feel free to read. I am sure they are of great help.

Article Source: Kravities.com

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