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Caribbean Water and White Sand it Has to Be Aruba

Caribbean Water and White Sand it Has to Be Aruba by Daniel Millions

It is well worth noting that Aruba is the dream of every vacationer. However, it is a thriving country in its own right. Aruba is home to approximately 100,000 people that represent over 40 nationalities. There are several hundred years of art, history and culture under its belt. It is also a geological anomaly you can feast your eyes on the blue Caribbean water as well as the green desert cactus.

Aruba is a happy, easy-going, proud, welcoming and sun-loving island where visitors always come back for more. Why, it is well-known for its return visitors over any of the other islands in the Caribbean. Welcome to the country of Aruba. Now let's get to know something of this island's culture.

if you are a guest in Aruba, you will not get tired of visiting its many art galleries and museums. It is here that you will get a snapshot-like view of the many influences that art and history have had on this tiny island. You will easily see why Aruba has its own unique identity. You may even happen to stumble on some unexpected finds in museums revealing its ancient cultures and a rich colonial past.

When visiting one of the many art galleries in Aruba, you will not only see scenic country landscapes by avant garde artwork which is rich in bold shades, and if you look closely enough, you will find that it has a strong message to convey. Aruba's literature, which is flecked by nostalgia, speaks of a modern spirit. Its music varies from the dance that portrays the retelling of a folkloric past all the way to the gyrations of contemporary dance. All of the arts provide a picturesque venue in which you can come to have a deeper understanding of Aruba and its people.

Now let's talk a little about the Aruban flag. The adoption of the flag took place on March 18, 1976, and the official anthem is entitled Aruba Dushi Tera. This date is significant because Holland accepted the right of Aruba to choose to have independent status with regards to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. That happened in the year 1948.

The Aruban flag consists of four colors: Larkspur blue, bunting yellow, white and Union Jack red. Each of these colors has a certain significance. The blue signifies the sea that surrounds the island of Aruba; yellow is significant with abundance which not only represents the island's past but its industries of aloe, gold and oil; red signifies the love that every Aruban has for the country as well as the very old industry of Brazilwood; and white not only is significant of the snow-white beaches of this pristine country but it also speaks of the pure hearts that the Aruban people have as they strive for order, justice and liberty.

You can see one red star as well as two yellow stripes on the flag. The red star signifies the compass's four points symbolizing that this island nation has drawn people from all over the globe. The star is also a symbol of Aruba which is surrounded by a crystal blue sea. The yellow stripes signify the free and independent position that Aruba has within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The next time you have a chance you may want to book your next vacation in Aruba. It is a great place just to get away and relax for a while.

Article Source: Kravities.com

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