Aruba Nightlife

After the spectacular Aruba sunset, comes the lively Aruba nightlife!

Whether you want to party all night during spring break or Aruba Carnival or you just want to let loose a little on your vacation, Aruba has all the nightlife for you.

There is something for everyone.

Aruba Nightlife is perfect for amping it up after a relaxing day in the sun on one of Aruba's amazing beaches or winding down after an active day of water sports, snorkeling or sightseeing.

Broadway & Vegas Style Shows

Many of the hotels have nightly Las Vegas-style shows featuring dancers in elaborate costumes. Tickets to the shows usually include dinner. The activities desk at your hotel should have more info on schedules of current shows, sunset cruises, and pricing. Don't hesitate to ask them about discount coupons too!

Bars and Night Clubs

L.G. Smith Boulevard, along the harbor in Oranjestad, is packed with bars making for a convenient bar crawl. But, travel safety should always come first. PLEASE use common sense and drink responsibly.

Many dance clubs on the island start hopping at midnight and don’t close until the sun comes up. There are dinner and party boat cruises with food, entertainment and music on the sea.

Bar Hopping Bus Tour

There are several tour operators that offer party bus tours of Aruba’s local bars and clubs. Our favorite, the Kukoo Kunuku, even stops for dinner before hand, at a traditional Aruban home turned restaurant. (There are a few restaurants that this tour chooses from on any given night. At least that is what we were told at the time of our Party Bus ride.) No matter what place they stop to eat, just know that it will be good food and a fun night out!

Reserve the Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus here, or check out some of the other tours around the island.

Black Hog Saloon

Of course if you have had your fill of Caribbean festivals and Latin music, and want something a bit more American, try the Black Hog Saloon BBQ Bash. The black Hog is festooned with Harley Davidson and motorcycle memorabilia giving it the ambiance of a “biker bar”. The BBQ Bash includes free drinks, all you can eat BBQ and live entertainment including bar stool racing and spectacular Harley Show. They are located on Sasakiweg behind LaCabana Villas. See Some of our pictures of the Black Hog here.

Update: September 25, 2009

The Black Hog Saloon was destroyed in a fire on September 22, 2009 and there is no talk about rebuilding the establishment.

Enjoy Aruba Nightlife in the Casinos

Most of the larger hotels have a casino or two on the property if you enjoy gambling. The Seaport and Crystal Casinos pictured above are in on the Renaissance Hotel property near the marina.

Aruba Carnival Celebration

If you visit Aruba for Carnival, from Mid-January to the eve of Ash Wednesday (late February) you’re in for a treat! Carnival means weeks of colorfully decorated floats, music, outlandishly costumed groups of celebrants of all ages, King & Queen elections, torch light parades that wind their way through the streets at night, the Children's Parades and the Grand Parade.

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