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Aruba Destination Wedding

Aruba destination weddings are becoming extremely popular as more and more engaged couples are opting to have a destination wedding rather than a traditional one. The reasons for this trend vary, and ease of planning is just one of them.  Read more about planning tips for your Aruba wedding here.

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Aruba is a popular place for a destination wedding because of the seemingly endless white sandy beaches.

But, that is not the only reason to choose to have an Aruba destination wedding. Some things to consider: Weather, legal requirements, cost and ease of travel for you and your guests.

Making the decision to have our destination wedding in in Aruba was easy once we learned about the beautiful island.

From the very start, we knew we wanted a WARM destination wedding. But, where? There were so many places to choose from. Disney World, Florida? Way too expensive!

Jamaica? It’s been so over done, and I heard that it wasn’t very safe to leave the resort area. I wanted to do some exploring of the island on our honeymoon.

St. Lucia? This is a very beautiful island, but getting there was much too difficult and the flights were too expensive for a large group of wedding guests traveling in from all over the United States.

Then in 2006, my mother suggested Aruba. WOW! Aruba had everything we needed to have an amazing tropical beach wedding!

The more I learned about the Island of Aruba, the more convinced I became that we had to have an ARUBA DESTINATION WEDDING.

You can find more on planning for a destination wedding in Aruba by clicking this link.

Deciding Factors: Aruba Destination Wedding


I wanted our family and friends to get to the destination effortlessly, and economically. Aruba has daily flights from many U.S. Cities with direct flights from New York, Boston and Atlanta. Travel to Aruba is very easy and affordable.


We chose a date in August because it was the best time for several family members and friends who attend classes during the school year. I was very concerned about planning a beach wedding in the Caribbean during hurricane season. Aruba is far outside the hurricane belt, and the weather is incredibly consistent all year long.

Activities & Things To Do

We had given our invited guests over a year's notice in order that they could plan time off work. Many decided to stay a few extra days, making a wedding weekend into a week long Caribbean vacation. We wanted everyone to enjoy their trip, so, there had to be plenty of activities that appealed to a wide range of interests.


Our guests paid for their own accommodations, so our destination wedding had to be affordable.

We found a charming very reasonably priced apartment-style hotel that was only a 5 minute walk from Palm Beach, called The Boardwalk.
Most of our guests stayed there, including, the groom and me-the bride.

My parents have a timeshare with the Marriott Surf Club. With a little planning, they switched their week in March for the week of our wedding in August. The size of the suite was incredible and with a smaller lock-out unit, there was plenty of room for my two brothers, my sister-in-law, and my parents.

Aruba-Sunsets.com began simply as a way for me to tell the world about our magical day but since then it has expanded into a thriving online business providing helpful tips, suggestions, and reviews for others.

If you are interested in knowing more about my business, how I got started it, or maybe curious about starting your own online business, click here!

Our Aruba Destination Wedding

My name is Kimberly, my husband’s name is Scott and this is the story of our Aruba sunset destination wedding.

In this section you will find details of our Aruba destination wedding on Palm Beach at sunset.

Some of the things you will discover on the following pages:

  • Destination wedding planning tips
  • How to "herd cats" (or A Group of 8 on the Same Flight)

The Parties

  • A great place to host Ladies Brunch
  • An inexpensive Rehearsal Dinner that got the whole group involved

The Wedding

I hope that you will find some great ideas for your own wedding, or even a group/family vacation to Aruba.

This Is Our Aruba Sunset Destination Wedding Tale

Wedding Arch and Chairs

It was a hot breezy August late afternoon when we were wed on the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba.

Our friends and family joined us as we exchanged vows and rings on Palm Beach at sunset. The celebration continued into the evening with Champagne, and elegantly prepared food. After dinner it was music and dancing late into the night.

Most of our guests had taken time off from work to attend our wedding, were planning to remain on the island for a few additional days after the wedding. My husband and I joined them for some of the activities and tours. Being able to enjoy this magical island with my closest friends, my family and the love of my life, made me the happiest I have ever been.

All in all, we spent 10 glorious days in paradise, and we hope to return real soon.

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