Aruba Car Rental

Aruba car rental is important if you plan on doing some exploration of the island on your own. If you are considering any activities outside of the main resort areas (High Rise and Low Rise hotels) you should think about renting a vehicle.

Road conditions are good, and traffic, while heavy in downtown Oranjestad, is not as difficult to navigate. As in the U.S., cars drive on the right side of the road.

Aruba car rental prices average about $150-$180/wk for compact, $225-$300/wk for full-size, $275-$400/wk for SUV (including Jeep rental). Please note that all are estimates and vary by time of year and car rental company.

On the first day we were in Aruba, we rented a 12 passenger van from Optima Rent-A-Car. We had flown in with 6 of our wedding guests from Chicago. There were 8 of us total, plus all that luggage, and of course, my dress and the tuxedos, that needed transportation from the airport to the Boardwalk Hotel.

The next day, we returned the van and rented a jeep for the remaining 9 days of our trip. The Best Man, Jim, also rented a Jeep. Most of the wedding activities were within walking distance of our hotel, but, having rental cars (or in our case, Jeeps) available made it very convenient when we wanted to hit the town.

The folks at Optima were great. Their customer service was impeccable. They got us checked in and on our way in no time. Their office is not located directly in the airport, so we did have to take a 5 minute shuttle ride. But, since they do not have to pay the extra fees associated with the prime airport location, this was reflected in their cheaper prices.

Some travelers may find that car rental is unnecessary. If you plan on spending most your Aruba vacation on the beach near your hotel, and only plan on venturing outside the resort area occasionally during your stay, using taxis and buses can save you money.

If you are thinking about spending a few days exploring the island, consider renting a car for three days, since Aruba car rental agencies often have 3-day specials.

The following are some of the most popular local and international agencies: 

Avis - 297-582-8617
Budget Rent-a-Car - 297-582-5423
Carnaval Rent a Car - 297-582-5295
Dollar Rent-a-Car - 297-582-5651
Economy Car Rental - 297-583-0200
Explore Car Rental - 297-582-7202
Hertz - 297-582-1845
Optima Rent-A-Car - 297-582-4828
National - 297-582-5451
Thrifty Car Rental - 297-583-5335

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