Aruba Beaches

Beaches Facing West

Aruba beaches on the West facing side of the island are powder white sand, that stretch for many miles from the sand dunes near the California Lighthouse at the North, all the way to the crescent tip of Baby Beach at the South.

Water on these beaches is calm, clear and a beautiful blue-green. From a boat, in some places you can see the bottom 100 feet or more below you.

The pictures of the beaches included on this page were taken during our honeymoon with no filters or photo-manipulation. These are the true blue and turquoise hues of Aruba beaches. If you would like to see more photos of Aruba beaches, check out our Aruba Beach Pictures page.

Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach has calm surf and a sandy bottom. The California Lighthouse can be seen clearly from Arashi Beach. Snorkelers will enjoy the Elkhorn coral here that attract a variety of fish, and with it fishing pelicans.

Boca Catalina

South of Arashi Beach is Boca Catalina. It is great for snorkeling with its shallow water and a lot of fish. The sand is white with some shells and small stones.

Malmok Beach

Continuing eastward along the southern cost is Malmok Beach. Although this beach has no facilities, it is a popular a swimming and snorkeling spot. The ship wrecked German freighter “Antilla”, lies a few hundred yards of the beach and is a popular snorkel and scuba diving spot. Malmok is also well-liked by the water sports enthusiasts.

Arashi Beach while Parasailing

Hadicurari Beach

The ultimate windsurfing and kite surfing paradise is a just a short walk southeast of Malmok. Hadicurari Beach, also known as the Fishermen’s huts beach is perfect for wind/water sports because it is not as sheltered from the steady trade winds as many of the other beaches are. The Hi-Winds World Challenge Windsurfing Competition is held on Hadicurari Beach every year in June.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is famous for its clean white sand and calm waters. Aruba's High Rise Hotels sit directly on this beach which makes it one of the most popular beaches for tourists.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach provides shaded picnic areas and plenty of parking right off the main road. (Eagle, Manchebo, and Druif are all considered Aruba's "Low Rise Hotel" area.)

Manchebo Beach

Manchebo Beach, also known as Punto Brabo, is next the beach down Aruba's shore line. This beach offers serenity and quiet. There are no water sports in the area making it a peaceful retreat. FYI -At the time of this writing, Manchebo is Aruba's only tops-optional beaches.

Druif Beach

Druif Beach is a long, narrow stretch of white sand and relatively calm water. This beach is not that far from downtown Oranjestad.

Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach features slightly-rough surf. It’s located close to the Baby Beach, and offers shady areas and shower facilities.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is on the southern tip of Aruba. You can get there by car, or taxi cab, and it is well worth the trip. The shallow water extends far out to the coral reef.

Aruba Beaches on the Northern Tip & Facing East

Most of the north coast is not for swimmers. The sharp, jagged, rocky cliffs and high, - sometimes violent - waves and undertow make swimming extremely dangerous. However, there are some small, sheltered coves and bays with waves rolling in that are okay for swimming, and the waves are nice for body boarding and surfing. These beaches are quiet and usually pretty empty.

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