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After doing intensive research on Aruba All-Inclusive vacations and Aruba resort packages, I am sharing this information for anyone who is interested in learning more. The opinions are my own.

Are you getting a GREAT DEAL with all-inclusive vacation? That is why we would buy Aruba all inclusive vacations or any all-inclusive vacation for that matter. We want the best deal! To really know for sure, you must first know exactly what it is you plan on doing during your vacation, and then do your research.

To help you decide if Aruba all inclusive vacations are the right choice for you or if you want information regarding other vacation spots, a good place to start looking is the All Inclusive Vacation Guide. They can help you find the best all inclusive resort!

So, Are Aruba All Inclusive Vacations a GREAT DEAL?

To answer that question, I have to start by asking “What is included and what is not included in Aruba All Inclusive Vacations?”

Something missing from Aruba All Inclusive Vacations

Airfare is NOT Included Without Booking Fees

Usually, airfare is NOT included, unless you book your trip through a travel agent, or an online travel company such as Book It or Priceline.

In these cases, the plane tickets are calculated into the “all inclusive” price. This final price also usually includes any travel agent’s or online booking fees.

The Basics

What is included once you arrive varies depending on the all inclusive resort. For the most part the price per night includes:

  • Nightly Accommodations
  • All meals and snacks at designated restaurants within the resort
  • Beverages (beer, wine and any liquor that’s available at the resort — these won’t be top-shelf, but may include brand names)
  • Use of the pool(s)
  • Use of the resorts amenities (tennis courts, beach game area, etc.)
  • Use of non motorized water sports (i.e. snorkel gear, kayaks, windsurfing equipment)

So besides airfare, what is not included in the an All Inclusive Vacation?

Sports Equipment Is, But Not Lessons

Well for starters, the windsurfing equipment is available, but you better know how to use it. Windsurfing lessons are extra. That goes for tennis, kayaking rock climbing and whatever else the resorts amenities have to offer. Instruction classes are not included.

Are you planning on learning something new? Or sticking to the activities you know?

Spa, Golf and Casino

The spa and beauty salon are extra as well, even if it is on the resort property. This is true for most resorts world-wide, not just Aruba all-inclusive resorts.

Anything outside of the resort of course is on your own dime. A round of golf at The Links at Divi Aruba, for example, 18 holes - $85.

Obviously, whatever you want to lose at the local casinos in not included.

This is true for most resorts world-wide, not just Aruba all-inclusive resorts.

Are You Loosing Money on Food & Drinks

All-inclusive resorts include meals and usually adult beverages in the price. Some Aruba Hotels are not considered All-Inclusive, but offer a meal program.

Here is where you really need to decide what you plan on doing during your Aruba vacation.

Are you going to spend the majority of your vacation by the pool sipping umbrella cocktails? Maybe, all inclusive is the way to go for you.

Do you wanted to take your significant other on that romantic sunset dinner cruise? Aruba offers the most exquisite dinner cruises... Those are usually operated by a a company other than the hotel or resort, and are not included in the all-inclusive price.

If you go on that wonderful dinner cruise, you not only are "paying" for dinner, your “all inclusive” dinner at the resort that night, is paid for, but not eaten.

I don’t know about you, but that feels kind of restricted to me. I would want to try that authentic Caribbean seafood restaurant in town, or take that dinner cruise, or go on a snorkel tour that offers lunch and drinks, and not feel like my money at the all-inclusive resort is being wasted.

If you don’t want to leave the resort for your entire vacation, Aruba All Inclusive vacations are great.

Don't get me wrong! There are some wonderful all-inclusive resorts in Aruba. Check out our top picks here.

I'm just saying that in my humble opinion, they are not the bargain that they first seem to be. Many of the resorts and hotels on the island offer similar amenities, with the only difference being the inclusion of meals and/or drinks. With a little planning and preparation, you can put together your own Aruba vacation plan that includes those exciting off-the-resort excursions for around the same price (or less) than the all-Inclusive package.

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