Arashi Beach Aruba

Arashi Beach Aruba is located on the most northern tip of the island, on the Southwestern shore, near the California Lighthouse.

Because it is hidden away from the tourist resort area, this beach is usually very quiet. There are no amenities, only a few beach huts to provide shade for those few who want it. It is the ideal place for those vacationers who seek solitude and relaxation, while enjoying sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea.

The snorkeling at this beach is wonderful, and the surf here is usually relatively calm. The sand is a combination of white gains and larger pebbles, with some larger (smooth) rocks near the shore. The unusual visual contrast of arid cactus plants and Aruba’s tranquil turquoise waters makes me stop and wonder “Could this be heaven?”

Aruba Arashi Beach is also great for beginner snorkeling and you will find the most fish near the large outcropping of rock that separates Arashi from Malmok Beach.

Depending on the tide, the depth here will be anywhere between five to ten feet. The shore slopes slowly to about 50 yards out, and then goes gradually deeper.

Please read the safety tips and other information on Aruba snorkeling before heading out into the water.

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