Advertising Policy

Sponsorship Policy

I always try to be honest and fair with my readers. So, the new changes that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued to Internet Marketing, Blogging & Affiliate Advertising, do not alter my fundamental promotional ethics. However, in order to comply with these new guidelines, this Advertising Policy page has been added to

I accept sponsorship requests from high-quality establishments within each tourism category. "Site Sponsors" are supporters from Aruba's tourism industry that Aruba-Sunsets has deemed the crème de la crème of Aruba's top tourism providers.

Reviews found on Aruba-Sunsets are generally written well before a merchant becomes a sponsor. In any event, our reviews are independent of the sponsorship. Each and every one of the products and services listed are truly among our Aruba favorites and are endorsed because of their quality alone. I try to be very clear and direct with my reviews and honest about my experience.

If you enjoy, please support our sponsors. You will be delighted that you did!

If you sell goods or services to tourists in Aruba (ex., hotels, villas, restaurants, water sports tours, or tour operators etc.) or are involved in the wedding industry in Aruba (ex. An Aruba wedding coordinator, or wedding photographer in Aruba) and if you would like to know more about sponsoring, please click here. if you would like to know more about sponsoring, please contact me here.

If you are already a Site Sponsor, thank you for your support!

In-Text Advertising Policy

I also accept in-text advertising from Infolinks, and Google. Infolinks are the double-underlined hyperlinks that you see throughout my site. These words open a floating informational bubble when you mouse over them and link to the advertiser’s landing page.

And I am sure that most people using the internet now-a-days are familiar with Google ads.

Infolinks and Google do their best to insert highly relevant text ads into my content, bringing more value to my readers. These ads are at the discretion of Infolinks, and Google and should be regarded as such.

Affiliate Products

Throughout this site, you will find that I promote products as an affiliate. Again, I must reiterate that many of these are items or services that I have used and personally found useful, beneficial, and of good quality. The others, were personal recommendations from trusted friends, relatives and acquaintances. My visitors value my opinion and I would not risk damaging that reputation by advertising an inferior product or service.

I use SBI's site building tools for this website, and share my experiences about Solo Build It! on my “About Us” page, and “About My Web Biz” page. Although this site is about Aruba, and not about selling people websites and web hosting services, I do have an affiliate relationship with SBI. It is excellent product that has greatly impacted my life. I would love to see more people benefit from its unique approach to online business. If you are seeking a way to make money online, I sincerely wish you the best in building your own profitable website, and honestly believe this is the best product/system/service out there to do that.

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Thank you all for helping Aruba-Sunsets to become one of the most visited Aruba websites around.

I started this site in November, 2008, just three months after we returned from our romantic Aruba beach wedding. Back then, I could never have imagined that it would become what it is today!

Thanks also, to the folks at “SBI!”. It is their software that made it possible for a “regular” person like me to create a business on the internet.

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