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WHY I Created Aruba-Sunsets.com

My name is Kimberly and my husband’s name is Scott. In 2008, we were wed on the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba where our friends and family joined us in the celebration.

Aruba-Sunsets.com began as a way for me to tell the world about our magical day but since then, it has expanded to include much more than just our wedding story.

We exchanged vows and rings on Palm Beach at sunset and then continued the celebration with Champaign, and elegantly prepared food. After dinner it was music and dancing late into the night.

Many of our guests remained on the island for a few additional days after the wedding. My husband and I joined them for some of the activities and tours. It was amazing to enjoy this magical island with my closest friends, my family and the love of my life.

All in all, we spent 10 glorious days in paradise and I can’t wait to return to Aruba.

For more about our Aruba wedding see "Our Aruba Wedding" Page.

I wanted to share my excitement for this exquisite and unique island with everyone who would listen. 

HOW I Did It

Since I started on this venture, I have heard the same question asked over and over…

...“O.K., so, you researched wedding vendors, evaluated hotels and resorts, outlined group activities, and learned everything that you could about vacationing and getting married on the island of Aruba, but, WHAT DO YOU POSSIBLY KNOW ABOUT STARTING A WEBSITE????”

The answer: not a whole lot… Until I found Solo Build It! and I followed Ken Evoy's Step by Step Video Action Guide.

Have you heard the saying "Do what you love, the money will follow"? I never thought that passion for this romantic island would generate a solid income on the web... until it did!

Do you have knowledge and passion for something or somewhere that you want to share with the world? What about a hobby that you wish you had more time to enjoy? Or maybe you already blog about something that captivates you. How would you like to earn a good income from it? It IS possible. Aruba-Sunsets is proof that Solo Build It! WORKS!

If you are interested in starting your own business (or even only mildly curious about having your own website,) I would love to tell you more about SBI! Follow this link for more info. I’ll show you how I turned my passion for Aruba and romantic vacations into a prospering, money making, part-time, online business.

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