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I have listed some of the best, most talked about, Aruba tours, on this page. Although we didn't get a chance to do many of these tours, we did go on the Aruba Pub Crawl Party Bus Tour and Dinner on the Kukoo Kunuku Bus with most of our wedding party. What a fun night!

Aruba Pub Crawl Party Bus

Later in the week, we enjoyed a day trip, just the two of us, to De Palm Island for some honeymoonin' and some great snorkeling. I love the bright blue of parrot fish. While we were on the private island, we went for a walk on 20 feet underwater on the Sea Trek Tour. Read more about our relaxing and fun day together here.

List of the Most Popular Aruba Tours

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That being said, the links below will take you to its page on Viator, worlds leading company in finding the best things to do everywhere, where you will find a little more about the tour, and a secure booking page. By pre-booking your tour, you guarantee your spot and the best deals.

I recommend only the best, and the most popular as rated by myself, my friends, and my readers. So please come back and let us know your Aruba Tour experience.

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