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I have listed some of the best, most talked about, Aruba tours, here. However, being on our honeymoon, we didn't get a chance to do much of the tourist attraction things.

We did take one of the "Party Bus" tours with our wedding guests a few days after the wedding. Much of our wedding celebrations lasted well into our 10 day trip.

Aruba has such a wide variety of activities and tours that it only made sense to divide them into categories. In this section you will find popular attractions and places to visit. Check our nav-bar for other favorite Aruba tours including snorkeling tours, boat tours, sunset dinner cruises, deep sea fishing.

Whatever your Aruba vacation pleasure, you will find that Aruba has a tour for you.

The Essence of Aruba Tour

The Essence of Aruba Tour takes approximately 4 hours and is a wonderful way to enjoy many of the attractions that Aruba has to offer. (Although it is geared towards those Aruba visitors who have arrived by cruise ship and have a limited time to see the island, it is a wonderful experience for every vacationer.)

Stops on this tour include:

Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum

Aruhiba Cigar Factory

Balashi Beer Brewery (Includes one free Balashi Draft Beer! My favorite - yum)

Pinturitic Kunukoe House (for some Aruba rum - another favorite... Hey, I can have several favorites!!!)

To book your Essence of Aruba tour, click here.

Island Tour of Aruba

This tour is about 4 hours long. It is an air conditioned bus drive around the island, making stops at:

Aloe Vera Factory

Casibari Rock Formation

Ruins of Bushiribana

Natural Bridge There is not much left of the Natural Bridge since it's collapse, but it is still a wonder to see, and I believe this tour also stops at the smaller Natural Bridge.

Ayo Rock formation and Cave

Arashi Beach for a refreshing swim

Make your reservation for the Island Tour of Aruba here.

Discover Aruba Half-Day Tour

This is a half day tour offered in either the morning or afternoon. And provides a little bit of everything "Aruba".

You will see:

California Lighthouse

Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins

Baby Natural Bridge

Ayo Rock Formation

Alto Vista Chapel

Lourdes Grotto

Baby Beach to swim and snorkel for a bit prior to heading back to your hotel. This is my favorite beach, I think, though it is so hard to decide.

Book your Discover Aruba Half-Day Tour, today.

Other Places to See

Aruba Ostrich Farm

Butterfly Farm

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Donkey Sanctuary

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