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You Get Married In Aruba

Aruba weddings are always breathtaking and remarkable, mostly due to the awe-inspiring sunsets, perfect weather, clear blue water, pristine beaches and exceptionally delicious 5 star cuisine.

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and can be as small and intimate or as large and extravagant as your imagination. Aruba has plenty of choices for everyone. There are so many ways to make each one special and unique.

But, whatever your style and budget, you can find a vendor, resort, restaurant, or wedding planner who can make your Aruba wedding day as unique as the two of you.

Marriage Requirements

Every country has its own rules and regulations for marriage licenses and legal requirements. Aruba is no different.

To be legally married in Aruba, a civil ceremony must take place in the Oranjestad Town Hall.

Civil Ceremony and Marriage Requirements

Religious Ceremony

If you are thinking about having a religious ceremony, there are additional requirements. I have done my best to compile them here. But, it is always best to check with both your local priest, minister or rabbi first as well as the Aruba parish or synagogue, just in case anything has changed.

Religious Ceremony Marriage Requirements

Beach Weddings and Sunset Weddings

Weddings on the beach at sunset are very popular, however, technically it is not a "legal wedding" and are therefore called a "Blessing Ceremony". You must be legally married at the Oranjestad Town Hall or in the country/state of your permanent residence beforehand..

Aruba Beach Weddings

Were you married in Aruba?

Do you have an Aruba wedding story that you would like to share? Perhaps you have some tips or suggestions to other brides and grooms planning there Aruba Weddings. Was there a resort or vendor that absolutely amazed you? Please tell us your remarkable and wonderful wedding story here...

You can read Our Aruba Wedding Story here. It was the inspiration for this website.

Kim & Scott's Aruba Sunset Destination Wedding Ceremony

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